Welcome to Evoor Temple
Evoor is one of the sacred Hindu religious places in the Kerala State especially in Onattukara. The word Evoor is originated from 'Eytha ooru', meaning the place from where the arrows were showered to make the 'sharakoodam'. Located in the South of Alappuzha, Evoor is famous for the ancient Sri Krishnaswamy temple which formed in the presence of Bhagavan Sri Krishna himself and it is among the important 26 Mahavishnu shrines. The history of the temple linked to ‘Khandava-dahanam’ (burning of Khandava forest), portrayed in Mahabharata. It is evident from the remains of burnt trees found here widely. Further evidences are seen in nearby ‘Mannarasala’ and ‘Pandavarkavu’ temples in this part of Onattukara. It is also believed that the great Kanva Maharishi (one of the Saptarshis), had lived in the nearby area ‘Kannamangalam’ (Kanva-mangalam) and his “Ashrama ’ (hermitage) later became a temple

Pooja Timing

Palliyunathal - 04:45 AM
Nada Thurappu - 04:50 AM
Nirmalyam - 05:00 AM
Usha Pooja - 07:00 AM
Pantheeradi Pooja - 08:00 AM
Kalabha Charthu - 10:30 AM
Ucha Pooja - 11:00 AM
Nadayadappu - 11:30 AM
Nada Thurappu - 05:00 PM
Deeparadhana -  06:30 PM
Athazha Pooja -  07:30 PM
Nadayadappu  -  08:00 PM

Evoor Sri Krishna Swamy temple, one of the important Vaishnava Temple which is believed to be built in Dwapara Yuga, has only upadeva(sub-deity) namely Sreebhoothanatha Swamy. It is pertinent to mention that Shiva as sub-deity in a Vaishanava Temple is rarest and only seen in Evoor Temple.

Every year the boat race is being organized by people living in Evoor north, south and north west on karkadaka sankrama day (first day of malayalam month 'Karkkidakam'). The boat with the garland given from temple sanctum sanctorum will move to Pathiyoor Devi temple with

Evoor is one of the sacred Hindu religious places in the Kerala State especially

This art form is closely related to martial arts of Kerala.  The dancers marches in