Evoor Sreekrishna Swami Temple | Guruvayoor of Onattukara | Kerala | India
Evoor Sri Krishna Swamy temple, one of the important Vaishnava Temple which is believed to be built in ‘Dwapara Yuga’, has only ‘upadeva’(sub-deity) namely Sreebhoothanatha Swamy. It is pertinent to mention that Shiva as sub-deity in a Vaishanava Temple is rarest and only seen in Evoor Temple. It is placed at the North-East portion of the main temple the deity is of Lord Shiva’s ‘Kiratha Bhavam’. It is also believed that the deity was consecrated by Kanva Maharshi who was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. Near to Sreebhoothanatha Swamy, Yakshiamma is a disguised form of Devi Parvathy.

The origin of Evoor Temple is based on the Khandava Fire in Mahabharatha and the story of Kiratham is behind the Sreebhoothanatha Swamy diety. Arjuna was praying in the Khandava Forest for the boon(s), and to test him Shiva-Parvathy appeared before Arjunan as primitive folks. As Arjun could not identify Shiva-Parvathy, he fought with Lord Shiva. The arrows of Arjuna became leaves and flowers on the body of Shiva and later on Arjuna realised that the primitive folks were none other than Shiva-Parvathy. To remind us in this Kali Kalam that “Lord Shiva is the body of Panchabhootha”, he still blesses the devotees as Upadeva- Sreebhoothanatha Swamy at Evoor Temple.

Sree Bhuthanathan
Sreeboothanatha Swami Temple